What Is Twik?

Twik is an automated tool created to personalize websites and e-commerce to increase user engagement, conversions, sales and earnings. The resource has earned recognition for its AI-ML algorithms that guarantee a quality user experience and minimize customer churn. More interestingly, Twik is fully GDPR compliant, not requiring any prior data from third-party platforms, read-and-write cookies, or tracking of personal information.

The visual editor works

The algorithm of the tool is as follows: when you click on any of the elements on the page, a drop-down menu will appear where you will be able to select the type of selector you plan to create (e.g. change the font style, title text and target URL).

twik dashboard

You can combine variations (content types such as target URL) with audiences and selectors (a combination of a page element and its target attribute such as link, header text, target URL) to customize an ad campaign or experiment with content and with specific clients.

Twik's developers have developed many customizations to help you with powerful extensions that easily integrate Twik with the most commonly used platforms.

Overview of the benefits of Twik

Get more information for effective web analytics at https://www.twik.io/blog/. You can also download the Twik app for free on Shopify if you want to try out this innovative provision.

A powerful business intelligence tool

Twik is a tool in the format of a one-page application designed to structure and analyze different types of recorded data. Its analytics dashboard contains all the necessary elements such as analytics navigation, definition of the review period with the ability to drill down into time ranges, and display of graphs and tabular data. When entering the editing mode, the editor allows you to modify graphs and table data.

Useful integrations

Twik can be integrated into WordPress-based websites. Users can push data to CRM systems and easily choose which pages Twik will run on. Chrome platform extensions give additional Google Ads capabilities at the expense of non-native features. It allows users to add additional options to specific Twik selectors using a template to track ads. This can be done without re-creating ads or going back to change the ad history.

Personalize your marketing strategy

Twik is suitable for using website data to deliver customized messages and exclusive product offers to customers. It is ideal for managers, remarketing options, personalization and landing page modification. It can be used to customize landing pages with personalized content that can have a greater impact on the audience, which can help improve quality scores and reduce overall campaign costs.

Key features

Twik attracts with powerful features that allow you to effectively automate several processes that increase sales and generate higher revenues.

twik automation screen
  • Personalization. Twik automatically tailors the best sales gas pedal for each user, helping to increase conversions. No data processing experience or development skills are required – just run the boosters and Twik handles the rest.

  • Visual editor with versatile features. Without having to make changes to your website code, you can easily edit content and implement any adjustments to improve sales performance. Let your marketers work without interfering with your programming team.

  • Automatic menu and product personalization. This is something that can help you increase sales. With Twik, you can create and match a customized version of your website for each visitor to increase sales.

  • Audience information and targeting. Try to understand your audience better. Easily create groups of user profiles for targeting, retargeting, experimentation, and business intelligence.

  • Full access. Every element should be modifiable. Every piece of content, including text, image, color, target URL, etc. etc., is under your control.

  • Attention to detail. Tweak has a library of user experience enhancements such as: popup generator, currency converter, input validation, sticky header, accessibility options and other features that are ready to be used on your site right now.

  • Target Audience. With Tweak, it becomes possible to generate clusters of user profiles based on behavioral metrics and demographics using audiences. These clusters can be used for profiling, targeting and retargeting, experimentation, or business intelligence.

Easily customize all important elements such as target URL, image, text and color are examples that can easily be used as tests for different selectors. You'll have the ability to customize nine different types of automation that can be applied to dozens of elements.

Additional useful features

With the Twik platform, you can personalize and analyze all your results.

Timeline and resolution

twik Acquisition screen

Simply use the datepicker to display data for a specific time period at different resolutions (hourly or daily). Depending on the timeline and resolution you choose, the numbers and chart may vary.

Data tables

You can see the results of all pages, variants (sales gas pedal automation) with all their KPIs using our data tables and charts. You can select a KPI of any dimension to include in the chart in the tables section. This will give you a comprehensive overview of your project results with viewers, selectors, variants or pages.

Discover new ideas

The interface has a side control panel that you can use to quickly switch between views of the platform. You can aggregate information, analyze performance results, and analyze business intelligence with built-in analytics. Comparing the original source with the customized version, visualize your research results by extracting charts and information in the form of graphs.


Pages within a project are identified by different URLs. Once Twik is successfully installed, these pages are automatically listed and displayed along with their corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

If you wish to set up personalization for a new domain, simply click the green plus button in the Pages section, enter the URL of the page you are interested in and, after installing the application or inserting a single line of code, your site is ready to go. Twik starts functioning, customizing your web resource.

KPI (key performance indicators)

Twik KPI

Twik will display KPIs in graphs and charts. Twik is a detailed company dashboard. The average and overall values of a given KPI, as well as information about Twik or Control and trends (percentage increases among qualified tests or controls) will be reflected in pop-up chart boxes.

What makes Twik different?

Based on machine learning algorithms that can understand anonymous visitors, site structure and traffic, Twik delivers products to your visitors according to their intent and engaging experience.

  • Fingerprinting. Twik uses fingerprint scanning to track visitor actions and behavior. The platform collects conversion tracking data on leads, cart additions, and checkout.

  • Automatic personalization. Twik recognizes site architecture, identifies goals, and automatically shows the best options.

  • Pre-funnel profiling. Customers can be targeted with demographic KPIs on the first page view.

  • One-click customization. It's easy to customize: just add the app to your website or online store or a single JavaScript code snippet in the header tag.

Twik is the simplest, easiest, and most affordable solution on the market for growing sales with no customization and no skills required, 

Unlike other editors, Twik's visual tool has truly unique features. Simply enter a URL and you get a copy of the page with no customization or pre-configuration required. You are given the ability to change images, text, colors, and other elements as you see fit. Select the element you are interested in, add variations, define the target audience, preview the new page and save the results of the experiment.

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