What Is Samsung InCallUI On Your Mobile Phone And How To Fix It? (Explained)

Personally, I have a strong affinity for Samsung smartphones, appreciating their innovative features. However, I've noticed a common source of confusion among Android users—specifically regarding the com.android.incallui or com.samsung.android.incallui applications. Thousands of Android users grapple with understanding these applications. We'll delve into its functionality, why it's integral to your mobile experience, and dispel misconceptions, especially those linking it to suspicions of infidelity.

What is Samsung InCallUI 

Unlock the options within com.samsung.android.incallui by treating it like any other app. Just as seamlessly, incallui activates when you press the call button, subtly entering the scene. Samsung, a perpetual titan in the smartphone realm, has maintained its dominance since the inception of the smartphone era.

Samsung has been a consistent world champion in the smartphone industry since the inception of the smartphone era. Samsung's sustained dominance is evident, with continuous advancements in smartphone technology. 

Samsung unveiled "OneUI" on December 28, 2018. OneUI serves as an overlay skin enhancing Android devices, providing additional features. Notable among OneUI's features, enhancing the phone call experience. Samsung's integration of com.samsung.android.incallui reflects a commitment to elevating user interactions on their devices.



Incallui Functionality:

  • Call Screen: Incallui constitutes a call screen facilitating communication.
  • Caller ID Display: Caller ID information is prominently showcased within incallui.
  • Standard Choices: Post-pickup, standard choices seamlessly integrate into the incallui experience.

Purpose of Android InCallUI

Here are some of the features of Android InCallUI: 

  1. Effortless Call Management: Android InCallUI simplifies the process of taking calls and identifying callers, enhancing user convenience.
  2. Volume Adjustment: Easily control the volume level during calls.
  3. Call Recording: Capture important conversations with the built-in recording feature.
  4. Call Muting: Swiftly mute ongoing calls for privacy or convenience.
  5. Notepad Access: Access a notepad directly from the user interface for quick notes.
  6. Auto Screen Lock: The screen locks when the phone is against your face during a call, preventing accidental app openings and disruptions.
  7. Preventing Issues: Ensures a smooth call experience without concerns about accidentally opening applications or unintended hang-ups and muting. Consider the potential challenges if these features were absent.

Accessing Incallui

If you're seeking to navigate to Incallui within your device settings, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Access Settings: Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Navigate to Applications: Within Settings, look for the "Apps" or "Applications" option and select it.
  3. View All Apps: Scroll down or find the option to view "All" apps. This might be labeled as "All apps," "App Manager," or something similar, depending on your device.
  4. Locate Key Applications: Among the listed applications, find the following entries: Phone, Phone/Messaging, Contacts, Contacts Storage, Google Contacts Sync, and com.android.incallui. 
  5. Select Each Application: Tap on each of the listed applications to access their individual settings.
  6. Review and Adjust: Within the settings of each application, you can review and adjust various options according to your preferences.

By following these steps, you can easily navigate to Incallui and related applications in your device settings. This guide allows you to explore and manage settings associated with phone, messaging, and contact functionalities, including the crucial com.android.incallui entry.

Debunking cheating claims

Dismissing the notion that Android InCallUI is utilized for cheating is crucial. This assertion is entirely baseless. Android InCallUI is simply the user interface that manifests when dialing a phone number, commonly recognized as the call screen with a range of options. Its functionalities include holding a call, muting it, hanging up, or adding another participant to the ongoing call. In essence, InCallUI is designed for legitimate and standard call management purposes and holds no capacity for facilitating cheating activities.


Permanently stopping the InCallUI

While it's not possible to entirely remove InCallUI, you can temporarily halt its operation by following these steps. Keep in mind that it will resume running in the background when a call is received.

  1. Access Settings: Navigate to the Settings tab on your device.
  2. App Management: Within Settings, locate and select "Apps."
  3. Search for Phone: In the Apps section, search for the term "phone" to identify the relevant applications.
  4. Identify com.samsung.android.incallui: Look for "com.samsung.android.incallui" among the listed apps.
  5. Show Machine Apps: Tap the three dots in the top right corner. Choose "Show system apps" from the drop-down menu.
  6. System Apps Section: Navigate to the system apps section to access critical components. Locate "com.android.incallui."
  7. Deactivate the App: Open each relevant app (com.samsung.android.incallui and com.android.incallui) and clear their data.
  8. Post-Deactivation Display: After successfully deactivating the InCallUI app, you'll notice the following options on your display: Put the Phone on Hold, Initiate a Call Recording, Hang Up, and Mute the Call. 
  9. Access Other Features: Press the home button to explore additional functionalities.

By following these steps, you can temporarily halt the InCallUI app's operation on your device, providing control over specific call-related functionalities. Keep in mind that this action is reversible and the app will resume functioning when you receive a call.

How to fix Issues with com.android.incallui

If you're encountering problems with com.android.incallui, such as the error "com.samsung.android.incallui not working" or issues with the caller ID, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Access Device Settings: Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Navigate to Applications: Within Settings, locate and select "Applications."
  3. Find "InCallUI": Search for "InCallUI" among the listed applications.
  4. Access InCallUI Options: Tap on "InCallUI" to access its options.
  5. Clear Cache: Once in the InCallUI options, press the "Clear Cache" button.
  6. Restart and Update: If clearing the cache doesn't resolve the issue, try restarting your phone. Additionally, check for software updates in Settings > About Phone > Software > Check For Updates.
  7. Alternative Calling Apps: If the problem persists, consider downloading and installing alternative calling apps like Drupe or Google Phone. These apps can serve as substitutes for InCallUI and may prevent the "InCallUI has stopped" message.

By following these steps, you should be able to address issues related to com.android.incallui, ensuring smoother call functionality on your device. If all else fails, exploring alternative calling apps can provide a viable solution.

Clear cache

Uninstalling InCallUI: a clarification

It's important to note that InCallUI is the device application responsible for managing various on-screen functions during a call. However, unlike other apps, InCallUI is an integral part of the system and cannot be uninstalled or turned off. You can locate the System UI in the Settings menu under Apps, specifically in the System UI section. While InCallUI itself cannot be removed as it is built into the system, it's worth mentioning that other applications may interact with this user interface on Android phones.

Is it advisable to delete the InCallUI app?

Certainly, it is not recommended to delete the InCallUI app as it holds significant importance for your device's functionality. Deleting it would prompt your mobile to recreate it autonomously or search for it online, leading to a slowdown in your device's overall performance. 

Moreover, the InCallUI app plays a crucial role in facilitating various functions such as sending messages to callers, redialing, saving notes, and recording calls. Given its diverse functionalities, retaining the InCallUI app in your phone is highly advisable. It is essentially a file within your device's files directory, contributing to the seamless operation of essential features.

Can com.samsung.android.incallui be removed?

In short, no, it is not possible to disable the com.samsung.android.incallui service. This service is an integral, built-in feature on Samsung cell phones. Attempting to disable it would hinder access to the dial screen, as it is designed to ensure the smooth functioning of essential phone-related services.

Concerns about com.samsung.android.incallui and call hacking

Some individuals may question whether com.samsung.android.incallui, running in the background, poses a risk of call hacking. Rest assured, the incallui app solely serves to provide an in-call user interface for sending commands when interacting with the phone's screen. This service operates discreetly in the background, devoid of any association with eavesdropping on calls or phone hacking.

The misconception of its involvement in such activities is unfounded. It's essential to clarify that there is no validity to these assumptions. Understanding that incallui is not a tool for compromising privacy dispels the need to uninstall the app. The presence of incallui does not impact your privacy, and it functions solely to enhance the user experience during phone calls.

Final thoughts

Android InCallUI, specifically com.samsung.android.incallui, is an integral component of Samsung smartphones, enhancing call management with a range of features. Despite misconceptions, it does not facilitate cheating or compromise privacy. Attempts to uninstall or disable it are not advisable, as it's a fundamental part of the system. Understanding its purpose and functionalities contributes to a smoother user experience, dispelling unfounded concerns. InCallUI remains a vital tool for seamless call interactions on Samsung devices.

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