Leveraging Social Media To Educate Homebuyers

The number of people on social media soared over 5 billion this year, and over 4.1 million home sales are going through monthly, representing a slight downward trend.

This means that for real estate businesses looking to send sales back in the right direction, connecting with vast audiences on social platforms is the only sensible strategy.

Here’s a look at how this can be done efficiently.

The power of interactive webinars on social media

Interactive webinars are reframing how prospective homebuyers learn about loan options. It’s all about raising engagement while providing real value and depth with the information you offer.

The power of interactive webinars on social media

What to include in webinars

  • Live Q&A sessions: Get instant answers from mortgage experts. Given that data from Contrast shows 63% of webinar views take place on-demand once the live portion has concluded, these sessions can also be turned into evergreen content.
  • Engaging content: Use polls, quizzes, and live chats to keep viewers engaged.
  • Guest speakers: Industry leaders share insights that go beyond basic information.
  • Visual aids: Slides and videos simplify complex concepts like fixed-rate vs. adjustable-rate mortgages.

So, what about first-time buyers? 

How easy is it to find the right loan for you? 

Once again, these are questions you can focus on in specialized webinar sessions. Aspiring homeowners will leave better equipped to take on this process.

In short, jumping on this trend is undeniably worthwhile.

And since you can leverage platforms like Zoom or Facebook Live to host your own interactive webinar series, it’s also simple and affordable to set up and run.

Using Instagram Stories for bite-sized financial advice

Instagram Stories can break down loan information into easy-to-digest segments.

This social platform is used by 59% of realtors already, making it second only to Facebook in terms of its popularity in this sector. 

In terms of delivering top-level home loan advice in a snackable way, there’s little else to match it.

How to implement Instagram Stories effectively

  • Short clips: Explain loan types in under 15 seconds.
  • Visual infographics: Use graphics to show interest rate comparisons or monthly payment breakdowns.
  • Swipe-up links: Direct viewers to detailed blog posts or calculators.
  • Highlight reels: Save important stories so they remain accessible beyond 24 hours.

Real estate firms like Zillow regularly find success using this method, and stories on topics like how to buy a home are always available in their feeds.

Most importantly this means followers can quickly grasp key points without feeling overwhelmed by data dumps.

Using Instagram Stories for bite-sized financial advice

If you go this route and want to build a following, aim to make your content fun yet informative. To do this, add polls or question stickers to encourage interaction and engagement with your audience.

Taking advantage of YouTube tutorials

YouTube tutorials are more than capable of demystifying the intricacies of home loans for buyers.

And with this platform set to exceed 1.2 billion users by 2029, the opportunities to grow a profitable channel in its own right are also not to be sniffed at.

How to create effective tutorial videos

  • Step-by-step guides: Walk through the loan application process.
  • Visual explanations: Use charts and animations to explain terms like "APR" or "loan amortization". You’ll need to get to grips with techniques like video cropping and editing to make this look professional, but these are skills worth having.
  • Case studies: Showcase real-life examples to illustrate different loan scenarios.
  • Longer format: Provide in-depth coverage that short-form content can't match.

With a YouTube channel focused on mortgage education, you can build trust with potential clients. Offer them clarity on what might otherwise seem daunting, and the enquiries will come flooding in.

The bottom line

Social media is one of the most effective educational tools out there, and in a real estate business context is more than capable of doing double duty as an impactful means of marketing services to prospective and existing customers.

From webinars to tutorial videos, pulling back the veil on the complex financial wrangling that comes with any property transaction will get people to pay attention to your brand, so make this part of your promotional push if it isn’t already.

About the Author Peter K.

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April 4, 2024