Leveraging Social Media For Solar Panel Awareness: Strategies And Best Practices

High-quality solar direct marketing is one of the priorities of companies that are engaged in the production and sale of solar panels. Simply producing a product and hoping that it will be bought is a rather immature strategy. You need to use adequate and relevant tools to promote your business so that customers know about you and are interested in buying your product. Below are some tips to help you do this.

1. Emphasis on educational content

When a company produces a quality product that can improve people's lives, its team often hopes that the product's benefits are obvious to consumers. But this is too narrow a view from within the situation. People who are not competent in such technologies may not understand why they should buy solar panels.

Emphasis on educational content

There is a communication failure. The company focuses on marketing benefits. Managers explain to customers how their prices compare favorably with those of competing companies. They convince with the quality of battery installation and further service. But an important component is overlooked, with which the content plan should begin. This is an informational focus on what solar panels are including effectively monitoring solar panel performance to showcase the benefits of your product to potential customers. Many people have a rather vague idea of them. But to want to buy something, the need must be actualized.

This means that in the content you need to answer the following questions:

What are solar panels?

How do they function?

What is good about the way they function – both for the user and for the environment?

Why is this type of device economical?

What can be the performance of solar panels?

What types of batteries are there, and what makes them different?

Which batteries should a customer look out for on a limited budget?

What maintenance do solar panels require?

How long will it take for such an investment in the energy efficiency of your home, office, or business to pay off?

A potential buyer who does not understand the intricacies of the production and use of solar panels needs detailed answers to these questions. First, he needs to understand why it is worth buying batteries at all. And after that, you can answer the question of why it is better to purchase from your store. Such consistency in communication with the target audience makes it possible to lead to the acquisition smoothly and unobtrusively. Therefore, take care of a well-thought-out social media content plan, where advertising content will be combined with informational content.

2. Provide research data

In order for people to understand that there is a solid argument behind your words, it is worth using research data from publications that will testify in favor of your information. This can be statistics related to energy savings, environmental protection, and the level of satisfaction of battery users based on the analytics of their feedback. There are many options.

According to information from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the nationally used capacity exceeded 135,700 megawatts at the end of 2022. If we move from this complex technical data to the real practical level, we are talking about the possibilities to power 24 million homes.

3. Answer the questions of the target audience, share cases

Customers need to understand that you care about them. There is not a single customer who would like to feel used. Therefore, it is important not just to sell solar panels to a person and get money from him, but to maintain communication with him on purchase issues. A satisfied customer is a person who can turn into a brand advocate. He will recommend your company to his friends, and personal recommendations are one of the most effective ways to promote.

Companies often spend a lot of money to attract new customers but do not work to keep existing ones. The sphere of buying solar leads is not easy to work with. There is a lot of work to be done concerning informing. Therefore, it is better if the company keeps in touch with its customers, answers their questions, publishes relevant content for them, and people recommend its product. With this approach, loyal customers play the role of PR managers. The best solar advertising is the one that comes from customers who have real experience with your product.

When people search for ‘solar companies near me’, they are set to interact with a company that has good communication. Justify their expectations.

4. Work on your company brand

Sometimes people think that a brand is just publicity. But it is also about memorability and recognizability. When a brand is formed, the company evokes strong associations with what it does with the client. If you are recognized among competitors, it means that the brand is developed. If customers perceive it simply as “another company offering solar panels”, then the brand still needs to be worked on. Good solar panel marketing is not built in a day. This is worth working on and putting in the effort.

Work on your company brand

Here are some tips:

Think about a unified style of visual accompaniment of publications. Let this style convey the colors characteristic of the company's corporate symbols.

Don't forget to place your logo on illustrations for publications. This will also work for your recognition.

Communicate with clients and collect responses. Then your company will be associated with a truly reliable manufacturer and/or supplier of solar panels.

The last item on this list is worth specifying. People love storytelling. This way of presenting information looks convincing, emotionally involved, and arouses interest. You can write 10 posts about how good the batteries you sell are, but one bright post with illustrations about a happy customer who installed batteries in his home will be much more effective. Quotes in which a person shares his real impressions work better than any advertising slogans. Such solar marketing ideas are what help businesses move forward and find a new target audience.

5. Work on response speed

The content management of a company's page on a social network provides prompt responses to questions anyone asks. If the client does not receive a quick response from messengers, he often goes to competitors who work more quickly. Therefore, it is important not only to implement a competent content plan but also to respond to comments and requests in personal messages. It is an essential element of communication.

It is also necessary for the specialist responsible for such communication to be familiar with competent scripts. Moreover, ask a potential customer clarifying questions and be interested in his needs and wishes for the product. A person must understand that they are not communicating with stereotyped phrases, but delving into his situation.

6. Don't forget traditional promotion methods

Targeted advertising is a good solution that never loses relevance and demand. The tactics above are good for interacting with people who have already landed on your page. However, without attracting new subscribers through the target, the audience (and, accordingly, profit) will grow very slowly. Use the targeted advertising method to make more people aware of the solar systems you offer.


For the social media promotion of a company that produces solar panels, many classic SMM methods are suitable, which show their effectiveness. But all of them must be adapted to the work of such an enterprise.

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