How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without An Account

Instagram's policy is designed to make anonymous viewing of stories almost impossible and at odds with user privacy. However, maintaining anonymity is a highly popular request of those who, being guided by pure interest or need, are still trying to find ways to view stories and other content stealthily or even without having an account. We will readily share a few hints and tips that might help you when the situation calls so that your attempts to view Instagram stories without account do not turn out to be futile this time.

Going openly or incognito: What difference does it make?

Social networks first appeared as a channel for communicating with loved ones and friends via the Internet, and over time, they developed into platforms on which we can absorb content in unlimited doses and take a glimpse into the lives of people who earlier seemed unreachable. The only limitation here is that account owners can make their profiles private, thereby leaving out any prying eyes. 

The reluctance to send a request and be ignored may also push some to act anonymously. Among other things, even after accepting a request, you do not always feel comfortable viewing their stories and videos since statistics about views and frequency will be visible to the account holder. Therefore, the possibility of Instagram stories anonymous viewing is cherished by many.

Most of the reasons to do so are mostly purely psychological and not some kind of perverted ones:

  • People want to remain in the shadows to avoid being judged for their interests.
  • They don't want their content engagement to be visible to the account owner because of shyness or personal attitudes.
  • Parents do not want to interfere in their child's personal life but feel obliged to keep a watchful eye on their online activities to avoid child bullying, predation by older users, etc.

Among other things, there is a category of people who want to stay on the crest of events but, at the same time, do not want to create an account on Instagram or any other social network. It is preferable for them to be able to visit social networks from time to time without leaving their digital footprint in any way.

Let's not forget that competition in the field of marketing and other areas where there is a struggle to attract clients is fierce, and in order to study their interests as best as possible, specialists should analyze their accounts, sometimes even without having the ability or intent to befriend them.

Easy and affordable methods for viewing Instagram stories without account

If going public is not part of your plans, consider other ways to interact with Instagram accounts that work flawlessly depending on what information you want to receive.

Use third-party online tools

Use Third-Party Online Tools

These allow you to view Instagram stories without account at any time. Some, like Glassagram, also include the ability to save viewed posts and reels, in addition to viewing comments, location tags, and followers data.

Among the advantages of this service:

  • The ability to monitor as many IG accounts as you see fit.
  • No need to install or download anything.
  • Completely anonymous viewing of the content that is posted on the profile and its details, including likes.
  • The ability to download content to your device.
  • 24/7 live chat and premium support via phone.

Glassagram requires creating an account – but only on the service's website, in order to submit your data and provide you with a dashboard to display the requested results from Instagram – while having your own Instagram profile is not at all necessary. This is an ideal option for those interested in a minimum of fuss with issues such as device compatibility, access to a target gadget, or the need for a setup on a target device – all that is needed for the app to work is username input.

Those who are interested in broader data coverage, that is, would like to monitor a person's activities in other social networks and instant messengers, in addition to the ability to anonymously view Instagram stories without account, their location and calls, and also be able to read chats on Insta, there is an alternative to cater to those needs called uMobix.

Use third-party online tools_2

Tracking with uMobix truly is a one-size-fits-all solution since everything typed by a person will be captured using a keylogger, while parents who teach their offspring to a schedule for using gadgets will be able to remotely limit apps, block the Internet, restrict calls from certain numbers, and much more. 

In terms of Instagram tracking, uMobix users can count on:

  • Complete access to accounts on this platform, as well as Facebook, while using iOS devices (Android support also included).
  • Quick every-few-minute updates with screenshots capturing whatever they type or browse.
  • Full anonymity preserved when snooping into their stories, posts, and any other content.

xMobi is yet another monitoring app that is easy to grasp. Just like its predecessor, it features permanent customer chat support and is relatively easy to set up and start running: for Android, one-time access to the target gadget will be required, while those who know their iCloud credentials can just use that for their iOS device tracking.

Endowed with the feature of remote keystroke gathering and the ability to view Instagram stories without account, xMobi can also be used for the purposes of browser history and bookmarks tracking; Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp direct messages monitoring; GPS location tracking, and other device activities. It can also retrieve photo and video content stored on the gadget.

Use third-party online tools_3

Get Yourself an Additional Insta Account

"Nobody's gonna know…" "They're gonna know."... "How would they know?" 

Self-debating on whether to create another hidden account on social networks even led to the emergence of this well-known meme – which resembles the agony of deciding "to be or not to be" in the times of Shakespeare. However, everything is somehow easier nowadays, especially when it comes to the question, "Can you view Instagram stories without an account?" 

Obviously, you don't want the people whose accounts you want to view to have a single clue about you monitoring them and the ability to connect your new profile with your identity; that's why you need to take care of a completely new email address, keep your activity as minimalistic as possible in terms of what content you post (carefully with geotagging), and do not interact in any way with your primary account when logged into your secondary one.

Also, it is better to use a VPN connection and a new IP address to create a new profile to view Instagram stories without account and separate it from your older main account so that Instagram cannot associate these two pages with you.

Airplane mode – On!

It is very useful that the flight mode is available to us even while on the ground – after all, with its help, it is possible to try one trick with viewing stories. They say this method works better on mobile devices, so take that into account. First, of course, you need to log into Instagram and then go to the page of the person whose stories you intend to view anonymously.

Next, activate airplane mode on your gadget and click the icon with the content you want to view. Since the story is set to be loaded when you open the profile, and there is no connection with Insta servers, this trick should help you interact with the page unnoticed. However, after viewing it, immediately close the app completely (don't just minimize it), and then you can turn on the Internet on your device again.

Adjacent stories hack

If you believe in your dexterity, then this method was invented just for you. Its significant drawback is that it does not allow you to view Instagram stories without an account, and accordingly, their account must be public, or your follower request must be accepted. 

In order for it to work, you don't need to go to the page of the person you are interested in, but click on one of the stories to the left or right of their stories on the main screen. While holding your finger on one of these stories, you need to scroll to the side slightly but not completely swipe to the next post (the story that interests you). Thus, you get a glimpse of it, although incomplete, but without being seen.


Is it possible to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes, it is completely possible to view Instagram stories anonymously. To do this, you can use methods such as third-party services (Glassagram uMobix, xMobi), viewing Instagram without the Internet (in airplane mode), creating a minimally filled fake account, or going halfway when swiping their stories.

What do other users see when I watch their stories?

Users who view their profile statistics from a mobile device can see that you watched their stories. To do this, you don't even have to follow each other, this information is still available to them. However, if you watch a story more than once, the number of views will increase, but the account holder will not know who exactly rewatched the content.

How long are Instagram stories available?

A story, if not saved, will be broadcast for only 24 hours and will be automatically deleted after that. When this happens, the account owner will not be able to see who viewed it or the number of views. For the long-term availability of stories, it should be added to Highlights.


The popularity of modern social media has made our lives more centered around these addictive platforms, and many cannot imagine their lives without posting content, while others, fearing missing out (FOMO), spend a lot of time viewing it. However, depending on the situation, a person may need to have a working tool to view Instagram stories without an account.

While the methods presented in this article are the working ones, for example, for parental control, it is important to remember that they are not intended for control or stalking, as others' privacy should be respected to keep the online environment a safe place.

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