How Generative AI Can Help You Transform Your Marketing Campaigns

Last year was when ChatGPT broke into the global consciousness, hailing a new era in artificial intelligence. The new model is better able to understand the context and natural language. Since then, we’ve found that generative AI has many applications. 

People use it to create everything from product descriptions to complex coding. In marketing, it’s useful for delivering personalized content, collecting and analyzing data, and predictive analytics. 

In this post, we’ll look at how you can use generative AI to boost your marketing efforts. 

Content creation

You can use ChatGPT and similar programs to create good content. We don’t recommend using it to create entire blog posts or articles because its writing style isn’t natural enough. You should also always check the suggestions that the AI makes because it can make incorrect assumptions. 


For these reasons, we suggest always having a human review of anything that the system creates. 

You can, however, use it to: 

  • Generate topic ideas

  • Create article outlines

  • Edit your written content

  • Do some research on article content 

  • Create product descriptions

  • Create alternative versions of your content for different platform

  • Check your work for tone 

Customer engagement

Engaging with clients on various platforms is an important part of the marketing process. It can, however, be time-consuming and expensive to manually monitor various channels. 

Outsourcing providers can prove useful in engaging with client queries and other engagements. However, AI-based bots are also a useful addition. They can handle simple queries quickly and efficiently. 

Visual content

AI today is capable of creating various types of content. You can even find programs that will create pictures and videos from the text you provide. It can improve the quality of the image or even fill in the gaps in footage


You can use the technology to create:

  • Custom visuals based on user preferences, trends, and brand guidelines

  • Compelling media assets for marketing and demonstrations

  • Product mockups


What sets companies apart today? Most benefits you derive from product or service innovation are short-lived. After all, if you discover a winning formula, it’s not long before other companies try to replicate your results. 

10 to 15 years ago, you could differentiate yourself through outstanding service. Simply being there for your client was enough to ensure their loyalty. You could easily reel in more customers with clever advertising. 

Today, the landscape is very different. Clients are more sophisticated and blase about marketing. Advertisers bombard us with marketing messages at every turn, so it’s natural to shut them out. We only pay attention if we feel that the message is relevant

Therefore, today, we’re entering a new age of personalization. We have to go beyond simply using the client’s names when sending out a mailing blast. Instead, we have to make sure that we offer the customer something they’ll find highly relevant. If we fail in this, they’ll ignore our messages going forward. 


The good news is that AI makes it possible to analyze vast swathes of data and personalize messages at the micro-level. You can segment your marketing list and then have the system create personalized recommendations based on a range of factors. This can include their:

  • Previous purchases

  • Demographics

  • Activity on your website

  • Interactions according to the customer notes on file

Achieving this level of personalization was far too costly in the past. It would take a human consultant too long to sort through all the data. AI can complete the task in seconds.

While it still represents extra effort, it’s worth it to increase customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates.

Predictive analytics

What went wrong with your previous campaigns? There’s a lot of data you can draw on to find out if you have the time to analyze it. AI can take on this task and highlight strengths and weaknesses in the campaigns. It can also use this information and consumer behavior to predict future trends and outcomes.

Optimized advertising

Split-testing is a time-honored marketing strategy to tweak marketing campaigns. With this, you change one thing per advertisement to see what works best. This could be something as simple as having a red call to action button rather than a green one. 

Generative AI can:

  • Generate ad variations

  • Test different creatives and 

  • Identifying the most effective messaging for specific audience segments. 

This leads to higher click-through rates and a higher return on investment

Customer insights

AI in marketing

You can gain valuable insights by allowing generative AI to analyze:

  • Social media conversations

  • Reviews

  • Purchase history

  • Online interactions

  • Other data sources

This gives you valuable insight into customer preferences, sentiments, and emerging trends. You can use these insights to refine your messaging and offerings. 


Generative AI can automate repetitive marketing tasks such as content generation, email personalization, and lead scoring. This frees up valuable time for you to focus on strategy, creativity, and building meaningful relationships with customers.


You shouldn’t take the decision to incorporate generative AI into your marketing strategy lightly. That said, many customer relationship management tools today already use this tool. 

If you can find the right software, you can effectively improve your marketing campaigns. There is, however, one caveat; you should always review the results before acting on them. AI isn’t infallible. 


About the Author Peter K.

Peter K. is an experienced digital marketer with a decade of expertise in driving business growth through innovative strategies. His data-driven approach and deep understanding of SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing have propelled brands to new heights. With a client-centric mindset, Peter builds strong relationships and aligns strategies with business goals. A sought-after thought leader and speaker, his insights have helped professionals navigate the digital landscape. Trust Peter to elevate your brand and achieve success in the digital era.

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