Will iMessage Say Delivered If Phone Is Off?

As a digital marketer, staying connected with your audience is crucial for successful communication and relationship building. In today's world, instant messaging has become an integral part of our daily lives, and Apple's iMessage is one of the most popular platforms for exchanging texts, photos, and more among iPhone users. 

But, have you ever wondered what happens to your iMessages when the recipient's phone is off or out of battery? In this article, we'll dive into the intriguing question: "Do iMessages deliver when the phone is dead?"

Understanding the imessage mechanism

Before we address the main question, let's have a quick overview of how iMessage works. Unlike traditional SMS, iMessage utilizes the internet to transmit messages, allowing users to send texts, photos, videos, and other multimedia content to fellow Apple users for free. The system works seamlessly as long as both parties have active internet connections.

How imessage differs from traditional sms

imessage emojis screenshot

Unlike regular text messages, which rely on the cellular network, iMessage uses the power of the internet to send messages between Apple devices. This fundamental difference opens up a world of possibilities and benefits:

  1. Multimedia Rich: Imessage allows you to send not just text but also photos, videos, audio messages, and even your favorite memoji characters. Express yourself with more than just words!
  2. Read receipts: With iMessage, you can see when your message has been read by the recipient. No more wondering if your message got lost in the digital void!
  3. End-to-end encryption: Your privacy matters, and Apple takes it seriously. Imessage uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only you and the recipient can read the messages, keeping them safe from prying eyes.

How imessage works

Now, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of how imessage sends your message from your iPhone to your recipient’s device:

  1. Your message takes flight: When you tap that “send” button, your message leaves your device and starts its journey.
  2. Apple’s servers in the middle: Before reaching the intended device, your message makes a quick stop at Apple’s servers. These servers act as the middlemen, ensuring smooth and secure message delivery.
  3. Waiting for the right moment: If the recipient’s device is online and reachable, the message gets delivered almost instantly. The recipient’s device Will display the magical “delivered” notification, letting you know that your message successfully reached its destination.
  4. Bubbles of happiness: The recipient can now read your message, enjoy the animated confetti, and reply with their own delightful imessage.
  5. Endless connectivity: As Long as both sender and receiver have active internet connections, the iMessage conversation can continue endlessly, without incurring any additional charges.

The green vs. Blue dilemma

blue imessage bubble

One common question that pops up among iPhone users is the distinction between green and blue bubbles in imessage. What does it mean, and why do some messages show up as green while others appear in the iconic blue?

  • Blue bubbles: When you see blue bubbles in your imessage conversation, it means that you’re messaging with someone Else using an Apple device. Since iMessage only works between Apple devices, you get to enjoy all the fancy features we discussed earlier.
  • Green bubbles: If you notice green bubbles, it means your conversation partner is using a non-Apple device, and the message Will be sent as a regular sms text. While you can still exchange messages, you won’t have access to the extra goodies like read receipts or multimedia sharing.

Will iMessage be delivered if the phone is off?

If you're an avid iPhone user and a fan of Apple's iMessage, you might have wondered about the mysterious ways of message delivery. One burning question often lingers in our minds: "Do iMessages deliver when the phone is dead?" Let's dive into the depths of this digital enigma and uncover the truth!

The “delivered” delight

Before we unravel the phone-off mystery, let’s briefly understand how iMessage usually works. When you send an imessage to someone, you might have noticed that after some time, the message changes from “sending...” to “delivered.” The magical “delivered” notification is a reassuring sign that your message has successfully reached the recipient’s iPhone.

The catch: Phone off or battery depleted

green imessage bubble

But here’s where things get intriguing. What happens when the recipient’s phone is off or their battery is completely drained? Will the imessage still say “delivered” if their iPhone is taking a digital nap? The answer, my friend, is a resounding no. When the recipient’s device is turned off or their battery is dead, the imessage faces a temporary roadblock in its journey. As a result, you won’t see the delightful “delivered” notification popping up.

Fear not, your message lives on!

While the “delivered” notification may be elusive when the phone is off, rest assured that your message isn’t lost in the digital void. Apple’s clever messaging system has a few tricks up its sleeve to ensure your words find their way to the intended recipient, even when their iPhone is sound asleep:

  1. Patient servers: Apple’s servers are remarkably patient. When you send an iMessage to a phone that’s offline or out of battery, the message waits at Apple’s servers, holding on to hope that the recipient’s device Will wake up Soon.
  2. Timing is everything: Once the recipient’s iPhone reconnects to the internet, Apple’s servers seize the moment and eagerly deliver your patient imessage to its destination.
  3. The Long-awaited notification: With a virtual cheer, your recipient’s iPhone finally displays the triumphant “delivered” notification, and your message is ready to be read and enjoyed.

Embrace the wait, enable “send as sms”

While the imessage is an incredibly efficient way to communicate, it relies on both sender and recipient having active internet connections. To increase the chances of your message reaching the destination, especially when the phone is off, consider these tips:

  1. Patience is a virtue: Resist the urge to bombard your recipient with multiple messages if the “sending...” status lingers. Be patient, and chances are your message Will eventually be delivered when the recipient’s phone wakes up.
  2. The “send as sms” lifeline: To bolster message delivery, activate the “send as sms” option in your settings. This clever feature ensures that if the imessage can’t be delivered, it automatically transforms into a regular sms text message and finds its way through the cellular network.

In the world of iMessage, it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey too! While the "Delivered" notification may not be instant when the phone is off, know that your message is resilient and determined to make it through. With the power of data and Apple's synchronized ecosystem, your words are in capable hands.

So, next time you find yourself wondering if your iMessage was lost in the digital ether, embrace the journey! The adventure of communication is filled with surprises, and your message will find its way to your recipient's heart, one digital step at a time. Happy iMessaging!


In the fascinating world of iMessage, the answer to whether messages are delivered when the recipient's phone is off is a resounding "NO." The elusive "Delivered" notification remains out of reach in such scenarios. However, fear not! Your messages are securely held in Apple's servers, eagerly awaiting the moment the recipient's phone awakens and connects to the internet. 

With data as our trusty sidekick, we've learned that enabling "Send as SMS" can boost the chances of successful delivery by providing an alternative route through the cellular network. So, embrace the journey of digital communication, knowing that your thoughtful words will find their way to your friends and loved ones, sparking joy and fostering connections in this ever-connected world of iPhones. Happy iMessaging!

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