How To Crop Marketing Videos Online For Free

Cropping videos can be an important part of creating effective marketing content. Whether you need to change the aspect ratio, cut out unwanted parts, or zoom and pan to highlight key elements, having properly cropped footage makes a big difference. 

Luckily, there are free online tools that make cropping simple, even if you don't have expensive video editing software. In this guide, I'll walk you through the basics of cropping marketing videos with three easy methods.

Choose your online crop tool

The right online video editing program is key to successfully cropping a video online for your marketing content. When evaluating your options, consider usability, features, file formats, length limits for free accounts, and more.  


Clipchamp is a highly capable and easy-to-use online video editor with cropping capabilities plus much more. Useful features include trimming footage, applying filters and graphics, converting formats, and recording voiceovers. 


There is no need to create an account, so you can simply visit the website and upload your video file to start cropping right away. Clipchamp works well with common formats like MP4, MOV, and AVI. The intuitive drag-and-drop timeline makes it simple to trim and resize clipped segments precisely.


WeVideo is another great online editing program that enables free cropping for videos up to 10 minutes after you make a free account. WeVideo stores your video projects in the cloud so you can return and continue editing from any device. 

The cropping tool allows both freehand shaping and standard aspect ratio selection. Smooth performance and detailed tutorials help first-time users quickly achieve great results with WeVideo's powerful features.


Kapwing stands out with versatile creative tools for video editing and making GIFs, images, and presentations. Conveniently edit all your marketing content in one place for free.  


Flexible features allow both precise and freeform video cropping. You can also access Kapwing's library of templates, fonts, illustrations, and more to enhance your cropped videos. Plus, intuitive collaboration options to get helpful feedback.


Animoto makes stunning marketing videos simple with easy-to-use online creation tools. Their video maker has pre-designed video templates specifically optimized for brands across industries like fashion, food & beverage, travel, and more.

Templates provide an effortless starting point, then you can customize elements like fonts, colors, and images to match your brand style. Animoto's helpful cropping options let you adjust framing on photos and video clips with drag-and-drop ease, zooming in on products, text, faces, and other elements you want to highlight visually.

Add your own music, then let Animoto work its magic — automatically stitching scenes together into a professional-quality video in minutes using cinematic transitions and motion effects.


InVideo is a uniquely smart video editing tool leveraging artificial intelligence's power to help expert creators and first-timers craft polished promotional content. Their advanced AI crop feature allows hand-free cropping centered intelligently around faces, text, products, or brands detected in your video footage.

This dynamic cropping capability automatically focuses at the right moments on speaking subjects, text captions, logos, and other key visuals you would manually frame up in a traditional editing program. Automation makes proper cropping effortless, so you can produce remarkable marketing videos on a busy schedule.

InVideo also provides hundreds of customizable video templates, animated elements, stock content, and collaboration capabilities for further easily bringing video ideas to life.


RenderForest is a popular online platform for easily turning ready-made video templates into customized productions to promote your brand. Users can choose from among hundreds of professional templates for video intros, promos, ads, social media, and more.


Built-in editing tools like cropping allow adjusting exactly how the template graphics and effects showcase your company, products or services without any technical knowledge needed. Further personalize videos by adding logos, images, audio, and text representing your unique brand identity and style.

RenderForest simplifies video template DIY so you can crop brand assets to optimal framing, then export and download crisp, watermark-free videos for use across your marketing channels and campaigns.


Magisto uses AI to help anyone easily crop video footage and produce polished marketing content. Automatically analyze clips to detect important moments suitable for cropping focus. Share engaging promotional videos in minutes.


FlexClip offers a full suite of online video tools specially designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners on a budget. Crop footage to brand dimensions and insert logos effortlessly.


With an array of user-friendly programs to choose from, finding the best free online video cropper for your brand and project goals is now simple and straightforward. File formats like MP4 and MOV work best with these tools. You just need to upload your video file to get started cropping.

Adjust and position your crop

Once your video is uploaded, you can start adjusting the crop effect. Look for the "Crop" option in your editor's toolbar or effects menu. 

Resizing the crop box

Once your video is uploaded, you can adjust the crop area. Handles will appear around the video preview to resize the crop box. Click and drag the edges and corners to frame the scene as needed. Expand the box to include more content. Contact the box to tighten the shot on your main subject. Position the crop area to fit your creative goals. 

Choosing aspect ratios

You can manually resize the crop box or choose preset aspect ratios like 16:9 or 4:3. Select from the ratio options in the crop toolbar. This sets the width-to-height ratio automatically to fit common video dimensions. Aspect ratios help you avoid uneven stretching or squeezing. They also streamline projects for platforms like YouTube or television. 

Using pan and zoom

Many online editors also let you highlight areas of interest in your marketing video by panning and zooming the crop effect. Rather than a static frame, gently move or scale the crop area to guide focus. Lead viewers to notice key products, emotions, text, logos, and more. Use these dynamic tools sparingly to emphasize what matters most smoothly.

Trim and enhance your cropped video


Cropping your marketing video footage may reveal unwanted seconds at the start or end. Use your online editor's trim feature to eliminate this excess content. 

Trimming start and end points 

After cropping, excess content may appear at the video's start and end. Use the trim tool to neatly cut away this unwanted footage. View the playback timer and adjust the start and end points with easy click and drag handling. Trimmed videos focus attention and fit more neatly into social posts or ads. Those extra seconds can mean driving more impact. 

Applying filters and graphics

Online editors provide filters to color correct or stylize your freshly cropped video. Browse the available options and test what enhances your content most attractively. You can also overlay subtle graphics like shape frames, patterns, or your brand logo. These help unify editing effects and reinforce visual identity

Adding text captions

Text often clarifies messaging in marketing videos. Use your editor's title and caption tools. Introduce topics at the start or caption key demonstrations as they happen. Branding elements like slogans can book the video nicely as well. Position text carefully to avoid blocking faces or products after cropping alters framing.

Export and optimize your edited video 

When your cropping and other edits are complete, export your marketing video from the online editor. Depending on the length and resolution, replacing all your changes into a new file may take several minutes. 

Rendering the final edits

When satisfied with all trims, filters and text, export your video project. Rendering compresses edits into a shareable file. With HD or 4K source footage, this final step may take some processing time online, depending on the length. Be patient! Optimization is essential for managing quality and size. 

Choosing output format</h3> 

For online use, MP4 continues to be the ideal export choice today. This compressed format conveniently maintains quality while reducing file size for streaming and social media. Other modern options like WEBM and MOV may suit specialized needs like HTML5 websites or professional productions. 

Removing watermarks

Free online editing tools often overlay watermarks on exports. For unbranded videos, purchase a premium account. Paid versions provide completely clean video exports useful for monetized marketing content and brand integrity. The small investment makes sharing videos simple.

Review and repurpose your cropped content

The final step is to closely review your freshly cropped marketing video before publishing or repurposing it across channels. Watch carefully for unwanted artifacts like pixelation and banding, which might indicate technical issues with the crop effect.

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It's also smart to spot-check your video embedded on your website, featured in social posts, displayed in ads, and more. Be sure it appears polished and conveys the intended message everywhere you plan to distribute it. Consider further minor trims or edits if needed.

With the right online video cropper, framing up share-worthy marketing content is simple without expensive software or learning advanced editing techniques. Following these key steps will help you zoom in on success.


Video cropping is key for polishing online marketing content. With free editing tools available, anyone can easily adjust aspect ratios, reframe footage, highlight key moments, and export professional-looking videos. These intuitive programs enable basic resizing and trimming as well as stylish filters and text.

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